A new year is the best opportunity to expand your business with a strong, fresh marketing campaign (if you don’t already have one). A multifaceted approach is necessary in order to be successful in today’s fast-paced world. Many tools are freely available for use, offering an easy way to connect with potential clientele – especially in regard to various social media platforms. Below is a list of the top marketing strategies to apply to your accounting business in 2020.

Begin Offering Free Consultations

You don’t have to be working for well-known accounting firms in order to establish yourself, CPAs should make a name for themselves as leaders in their industry. When potential clients are looking for a CPA, it can be difficult for them to determine whether they need a CPA. Quick, free consultations work as a great investment tool for building understanding with potential customers, requiring only a little bit of time. These consultations are a cost-effective marketing tool which often leads to loyal, paying customers – something most CPAs can manage on their own without hiring help.

Offer Online Appointment Scheduling

Using a cloud-based calendar allows clients to determine your availability, as well as length of appointments, offering relief to an already overwhelmed customer. Taking advantage of one of these tools is quick and easy, allowing you to offer simple booking solutions, while also diminishing the need to reply to repetitive emails and numerous phone calls. This method also allows busy individuals to reach out without a large time commitment.

Host a Financial Planning Event

Acquiring new clients outside of tax season can be a difficult task, and it’s an issue many people struggle with. Consider hosting a budgeting seminar, or general financial planning class series, in order to gain new clients. You may plan to offer a beneficial variety of tips and info, such as how they may better manage their money, while also incorporating how you are capable of handling taxes, etc. Although the main focus should remain on how they can be more financially responsible, integrate ways they may find your services to be beneficial. Offering a seminar requires a time commitment on your part, but it is a hands on approach to marketing yourself which often yields more rewarding leads.

Secure a Speaking Spot at Industry Events

While attending industry events is one of the best ways to connect with potential clients, there is nothing better than becoming a speaker. Clients often consider speakers on stage to be more of an expert on any given subject, allowing you to stand out in a sea of accounting firms and fellow CPAs. However, don’t expect being a speaker will cause your phone to immediately begin ringing off the hook with a newly discovered client base. Plan to share research your company has produced, or a white paper, unearthing more info on the topic. From there, you can choose a method in which you collect information from attendees, in order to share further insight on your topic after the event.

Use YouTube to Share Your Expertise

Creating a YouTube channel is easy and free, requires very little time, and provides a personalized space in which you may feature videos, elaborating on various accounting subjects. Once you have created and posted your video, you can share it among your other social media accounts, embed it into blog posts, and more.

Before you become overwhelmed at the thought of extravagant equipment needed in order to produce videos, know that you don’t have to make a huge investment to create YouTube content. Most cell phones nowadays offer 4k or HD photo and video capabilities, which is something you most likely already own. Sharing videos on social platforms such as YouTube, is a good place to begin sharing information on any given personal or small business tax situation. For example, you may want to focus one video series on the city or state tax laws in which you, or your business, are established.

Begin a Podcast Series

Because they have become so popular, podcasting has become an invaluable centerpiece in regards to education, generating leads, social media marketing and more. Considering how often small business owners are in need of CPAs, podcasts can be an easy way to demonstrate your firm’s expertise.

Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Your Current Engagement

Expansion of services is no longer a luxury for smaller firms, but a necessity. When you gather information from your clients in order to prepare their tax returns, use the opportunity to ask for their top goals and concerns in the coming year.

Have they been considering adding a new investor, partner or owner in 2020? Are they concerned with selling the company within the next few years? What does their growth goal look like? Do they understand the opportunities presented by the new tax bill? What are their biggest financial interests? Has their estate planning been updated in the last two years?

When you come to understand your customers needs and wants, you can respond accordingly. Use your trusted advisor status to your advantage, and focus on educating your customers for their future.

Improve Your Digital Marketing by Hiring an Expert

If you haven’t done so, begin setting up a Facebook page for your business and begin sharing tips and content with followers. Never underestimate the power of marketing yourself across multiple social media platforms. Continue by boosting traffic to various posts by teaming with professionals at Hibu.

The people at Hibu are one of the select few officially badged Facebook Marketing Partners in the US. They specialize in supporting small businesses by offering social campaign creation and management, and even run campaigns for you. They offer web design as a full-service digital solutions provider, in addition to search engine optimization and marketing, display advertising along with other services to boost your online presence.

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